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交易文件中Tax Gross up条款实例

All payments to be made by an Obligor to any Finance Party hereunder shall be made free and clear of and without deduction for or on account of Tax unless such Obligor is required to make such a payment subject to the deduction or withholding of Tax, in which case the sum payable by such Obligor (in ……


信善投资向西王食品和春华联合设立的并购基金西王青岛 提供16.75亿元1年期境内过桥贷款。同时,西王青岛向招商银行青岛分行提供16.96亿元保证金质押,招商银行青岛分行向招商银行离岸金融中心开具2.5亿美元保函, 之后招商银行离岸金融中心向西王青岛的加拿大SPV2提 供2.5亿美元为期3个月的境外过桥贷款。待SPV2取得 Kerr80%股权后,获得海外银团长期贷款,从而替代过桥贷款。